Women at War
With the event of war American women did not sit idly by; many woman joined the various armed forces.  They not only served as nurses and clerks, but also trained as pilots.  They flew sub-hunter missions with the Civil Air Service off the coast of the United States; ferried planes into combat zones, and many took small arms training and learned to shoot as well as their male counterpoints.  America forever owes a debt to these women at war.
Others moved to the large cities where they worked in defense plants.  Without their labors America would never have been able to produce the planes and equipment needed in the war efforts.  Not just in "women's work" these ladies became machinist, aircraft mechanics, riveters, painters, welders and sheet-metal workers.  They made the parts, and assembled, the largest force of combat aircraft in the world, replacing bombers and fighters faster than the axis could destroy them in combat in Europe and the Pacific.
But in spite of this hard dirty work in the factories though the war years these women retained all their feminine beauty while serving our country in a time of national emergency.

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